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New active fire protection products

Tango engineering is proud to present a line of  active fire protection products from Technical Fibre Products (TFP)- one of our top suppliers based in the UK that specializes in fire protection and containment technology, lightweight non-woven veils, fibre coating and much more.

TECNOFIRE® is a range of versatile lightweight fire protection materials. These materials provide highly effective passive fire protection solutions for a broad range of applications, including composite fabrications & construction gap filling.

TECNOFIRE® materials are classified as INTUMESCENTS, they expand as a result of heat exposure to provide passive fire protection. The material will expand uni-directionally in the z direction by up to 35 times its original thickness when it is exposed to fire or temperatures in excess of 190°C (374°F). The result of this expansion is a thick insulating char. This stabilised char significantly reduces the rate of degradation of underlying materials by insulating them from the heat energy and providing effective fire protection.

   100 C      250C        400C

The materials are manufactured from high temperature mineral fibres, exfoliating graphite, a small amount of organic binder and, in some cases, active ingredients such as alumina trihydrate (ATH) to enhance performance. The range includes a wide variety of grades and thicknesses to ensure the correct properties and level of expansion for a given application.

TECNOFIRE® has passed a number of fire tests including the ASTM E84-11a test where it achieved a Flame Spread Index (FSI) value of 0 and a Smoke Developed Index (SDI) of 30 or less. The test results mean that the materials have achieved a CLASS A rating in E84, qualifying them for use in Walls & Ceilings and Plenums. In addition, TECNOFIRE® is extensively used in the construction of 30, 60 & 90 minute fire rated doors, which have been Intertek certified (UL10C & NFPA 252) and awarded the Warnock Hersey Mark.

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