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We offer fabrics and materials pre-impregnated with resin systems.

Our raw materials come with an excellent surface finish and are engineered to reinforce strength.


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We offer a wide range of composite reinforced fabrics that are maximized in strength and aesthetically appealing. Each product is uniquely structured to embody different properties such as abrasion resistance, thermomechanics, and strength-to-weight ratio.


  • Woven

  • Non-woven

  • Uni-directional

  • Multi-axial

  • Crimp

  • Non-crimp



We offer a wide range of thermostatic and thermoplastic composite reinforced fabrics that tailors to different industries. Our prepregs are crafted with strategic composition ratios and cured under precise temperature and pressure to yield lighter, stronger, and faster bonding materials for your needs.

  • Industrial

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Security

  • Orthopedic Technology



Active Fire Protection

We offer an extensive range of stable fire protection materials, both in flexible and rigid forms. The materials expand with heat activation to prevent flame propagation, structural damage, toxicity issues, and smoke emission. This technology can be incorporated into different materials, and tailored to meet your performance or processing requirements.

  • Resin systems

  • Reinforced fabrics

  • Foils, films & fabrics

  • Carbon or metal-coated carbon

  • Panels