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We work with environmentally responsible and ISO certified manufacturers to deliver you revolutionary composite materials that yield excellent durability and performance outcomes. Our strong relationships with our global manufacturers empower us the flexibility to customize materials to match your specific requirements.



Avient, formally known as PolyOne, is a US established supplier of carbon and glass epoxy pultruded profiles. It also has regional headquarters in China, Brazil, and Luxembourg. The company focuses its composite material innovation on the development of sustainable material solutions.


CFP Composites

CFP is a UK manufacturer that built the world’s leading carbon fiber composite recycling operation. It specializes in carbon blocks and has patented products and manufacturing processes globally.



Enflo LLC is one of Polytetrafluoroethylene’s largest manufacturers (PTFE), with more than six decades of experience. It has manufacturing facilities in both the US and Canada. Enflo is a leading supplier of Teflon materials and possess R&D capabilities to deliver superb customized solutions of premium quality.



Eurocarbon is a Netherlands based manufacturer that produces braided and woven reinforcements in the global composite industry. It specializes in braiding, narrow tape weaving, and machinery.


Flex Trim Inc

Flex Trim is a global leader in brush sanding technology. It offers a complete solution from the beginning of your grit to end polishing. The company has maintained its patents from authorizations to ensure consistent, high-quality results. Its innovative advancements provide flexible and adaptable solutions for existing production machines.


Fothergill Engineered Fabrics

Fothergill Engineered Fabrics Ltd is part of a Fothergill Group of Companies founded in England in 1847. It is a leading European-based weaver and knitter of aramid, glass, and carbon fiber. The company is also a specialist in producing hybrid engineered technical fabrics.


HTT Centro Affilatura Srl

HTT SRL is an Italian based company specialized in precision cutting tools for the automotive and aerospace sector. It has developed full carbide patented tools in drilling, end-milling, reaming, and countersinking with decades of experience. The company owns a research center that innovates efficient and economical solutions to sharpen, correct, and regenerate mechanical parts.


Kaon P&S

Kaon P&S is a Korean established company with global warehouses in Europe and North America. It specializes in butyl rubber sealant tape for waterproofing and construction in the aerospace, wind power, automotive, and marine industries.

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Marbocote Ltd

Marcabote Ltd is a Manchester manufacturer and distributor of semi-permanent mold release agents. With continued advancements in its technology, it produces the most durable release film that provides the maximum release performance. The ISO certified company combines these properties to render customers significant cost savings and process benefits.


Precision Fabrics Group

Precision Fabrics Group is a US company serving composites, metal bonding, and tooling industries since 1965. With decades of expertise, the ISO certified brand supplies release and peel-ply fabric weavers. 


Protech Composites

Protech Composites is a US established expert in premium carbon fiber. It specializes in tailoring orders that may require cutting, molding, machining, and performance customization. The company delivers a variety of products that differs in weaves, finishes, and colors.


Robuso Solingen

Robuso Solingen is a German manufacturer of high-precision cutting solutions that are durable and can withstand high loads. Its industrial-grade shears guarantee above-average edge retention that corresponds to the Solingen law and DIN regulations. Robuso provides cutting, processing, and mechanical tools for the automotive, wind-turbine, aviation, and textile industries.



Saint-Gobain is a French company that develops industry-leading high performance and high-reliability products, including quartz fibers. Its solutions have enabled medical technologies, security capabilities, and space exploration.



Sigmatex is a UK established independent converter of carbon fiber. Its dedicated R & D team innovates leading textile technologies and proprietary manufacturing equipment. Sigmatex specializes in woven and multi-axial carbon fabrics for the automotive, wind energy, aerospace, sports & leisure industries worldwide.


Solvay- Cytec

Solvay acquired Cytec in 2015 to deliver advanced lightweight materials for the aerospace and automotive industries. Solvay is known to be an eco-friendly global leader in materials, chemicals, and solutions. Through Tango Engineering, it supplies advanced consumable materials, tools, and structural prepregs that contribute to a safer, sustainable, and cleaner future.


TE Wire and Cable

TE Wire & Cable LLC is a US-based manufacturer supplying premier thermocouples, specialty wires, and cables. For more than seven decades, its products have provided high-quality wires to thermo-sensing and temperature reading markets.


Toray Advanced Composites

Formally known as TenCate Advanced Composites, Toray Advanced Composites is a leading international provider in advanced thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials. It supplies lightweight tooling and structural prepregsfor the aviation, military, space exploration, and satellite industries.



Trelleborg is global leader in advanced-engineered polymer solutions. Through Tango Engineering, it supplies glass microspheres that are incorporated into polymer and resin systems. Its technology can be customized to tailor weight, strength, and electrical specifications.


Technical Fibre Products (TFP)

TFP has worldwide operations in supplying lightweight non-woven veils, superior finish for composites, and fire barriers. With an in-house team of material scientists and engineers, its innovations are crafted to meet specific performances, processes, or aesthetic requirements. 


Textiles Coated International (TCI)

TCI a US established global company and the first in the world to offer PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, ECTFE, THV, cast PTFE films, and 100% PTFE CrossFilm™. Its forefront technologies enable long-term engineering solutions in a variety of industries.



Toray Industries

SOFICAR was acquired by Toray Industries Inc, a Japan established global brand, in 2012. It specializes in the manufacture of carbon fiber composite materials in Europe. Through Tango Engineering, it supplies innovative materials for the aerospace, industrial, automotive, space, and consumer industries.


Torr Technologies Inc

Torr Technologies Inc is a US-based manufacturer providing reusable or permanent vacuum bagging systems or elastomeric vacuum tools (EVTs). Its products fuel aerospace, defense, marine, R&D lab, and electronic industries. Torr Technologies product line also includes inflatables, high-strength silicone sheets and extrusions, vacuum pumps, and custom fittings and tools in vacuum pressure bagging.


Valmiera Glass Group

Valmeira Glass Group is Europe’s leading manufacturer of textured glass fiber fabrics (GT fabrics). It specializes in woven fabrics made from E-glass and HR-glass. Each textured yarn provides specific qualities such as heat and acoustic insulation.  


vDijk Pultrusion Products (DPP)

DPP is established in the Netherlands and specializes in high-grade pultrusion products. Its self-developed machines yield high-grade carbon and glass-fiber micro-profiles with excellent properties and tolerances with immense capabilities.