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Uncompromised Safety
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Safety should be non-compromisable in engineering. This is especially so in today's day and age, where most operations run on computers and technology. These machines tend to generate plenty of heat which can contribute to a fire hazard. In addition, dense and stacked population in metropolis areas makes fire protection a more than an essential component of construction.


As such, Tango Engineering carries a versatile line of lightweight fire protection materials. These materials provide highly-effective active and passive fire protection solutions for a broad range of applications. Such include composite fabrication & construction gap filling.

Our carbon fiber composite materials incorporate carbon fibers with a proprietary combination of resin to deliver exceptional performance at high temperatures as well as during fire-related scenarios. They are an essential component that contributes to well-being as they emit almost zero smoke or gases.

Discover Fire Active Protection technology here, and explore our applications below:

  • Electrical cabinets

  • Security rooms

  • Server rooms

  • Utility poles

  • Mass transport systems

  • Theme parks

  • Emergency shelters

  • Non-flammable modern batteries

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